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Monique Wittig ï 8 download free read ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ï Monique Wittig summary Le corps lesbien 108 Sland's life celebrates the contours contents and satisfactions of the lesbian body. i would be extremely interested to know what others think of this book we read it for a class and discussed the aspects of violence inherent in desire and in language and in departure from a particular norm we talked about the purpose of fragmenting a subject so completely as to render it beyond human beyond singular beyond what can be understood it is a 3 hour read if you just plow but it is pretty intense i wasn t sure if i like it or not but it felt pretty powerful and strange so if you are a lesbian let me know what you think about the lesbian body

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Monique Wittig ï 8 download free read ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ï Monique Wittig summary Le corps lesbien 108 On a fictional Sapphic island where women live exclusively among themselves the nar. You know how sometimes in a library when you ve already gotten far too many books and your arms are full you reach a point of abandon and just throw anything on the pile That s what was happening to me when I plucked The Lesbian Body on down from the shelf because I figured I like lesbians and I like bodies I thought it might come in handy at a certain time of night From the cover and description a rhapsodic hymn to women s bodies and women s relationships I guessed that it would probably be a little bit ridiculous and a little bit sentimental which I have to say I think it was but not in the way that I expectedIn the introduction Wittig writes of The desire to bring the real body violently to life in the words of the book everything that is written exists the desire to do violence by writing to the language which I je can enter only by force The urgency with which she was writing and the impossible scale of what she considered her mission are affecting In a certain mood the excitement could be contagious You could picture the author flushed and frantically writing trying to push language to its limits as though if she could just be brave enough bold enough violent enough the whole compromised world might come down and a new one come up in its place the distance between the self and the desired finally transcendedUnfortunately it seems that trying to amp up the language as much as possible ends up having the opposite effect and much of The Lesbian Body is repetitive and even boring The language is so ceaselessly insistently erotic that it becomes unerotic in its predictability Here is a passage that I think is pretty representative Your hand followed by your arm have entered into my throat you traverse my larynx you arrive at my lungs you itemize my organs you make me die ten thousands deaths while I smile you rip out my stomach you tear my intestines you project the uttermost fury into my body I cry out but not from pain I am overtaken seized hold of I go over to you entirely I explode the small units of my ego I am threatened I am desired by you A tree shoots in my body it moves it branches with extreme violence with extreme gentleness or else it is a bush of burning thorns it tears the other side of mu exposed muscles my insides my interiors I am inhabited I am not dreaming I am penetrated by you now I must struggle against bursting to retain my overall perception I reassemble you in all my organs I burst There is something frustratingly literal about all of this Still I ended up reading the whole thing although I didn t expect to There were moments when sudden unexpected images were really arresting and then the rawness of it did I think add to the impact But I would have to disagree with the jacket blurb the art and the courage are of the highest level I couldn t really speak to the courage without sounding maybe ungrateful and inconsiderate Perhaps it s that The Lesbian Body did its work so well that the message seems a little tired to us today I certainly imagine it was fresher in the climate in which it was originally published As far as the level of the art well I think it s pretty clear that aesthetic considerations weren t the writer s primary concern I have to say a little bit apologetically yet that though I admire them in a way strength of feeling and rawness aren t enough to trump aesthetic merit All the same I found myself reaching for this book at a time of night that I wasn t exactly reaching for the Henry James so it did offer both pleasures and merits not always found in works that might be aesthetically better

free read ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ï Monique Wittig

Monique Wittig ï 8 download free read ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ï Monique Wittig summary Le corps lesbien 108 Rator protagonist in a series of invocations to her lover and descriptions of the i. a celebration of the body from the inside out bones bile blood guts handled with erotic jubilation in a world without men a uniue reading experience

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