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  • Paperback
  • 54
  • The Key Word and Other Mysteries
  • Isaac Asimov
  • English
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9780380432240

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review The Key Word and Other Mysteries 103 Threat to the United NationsLarry solves these mysteries and out sleuthing his detective father in the process His capers take him all over New. Misterio infantil Para ni os de 8 10 a os est ok

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review The Key Word and Other Mysteries 103 New York City's Youngest Detective Tackles CrimeA criminal code hidden in a crossword puzzleA rare coin in a Santa Claus collection bucketA bomb. When I reserved this book from the public library I was surprised to find that the slim volume that appeared contained young adult mystery stories written by the great Isaac Asimov I almost decided not to read them and that would have been my loss Despite being penned for the young teen set or perhaps even earlier primary school age these were very well written and uite entertaining The protagonist s voice was very much in line with his reported age 14 or so and yet he was proven to be a capable and clever detective in the making Each of the tales in the book was fun to read and had a surprising twist Don t let the fact that this book is a young adult book keep you from the enjoyment to be found within NOTE I also read The Disappearing Man and Other Mysteries with the same enjoyment and my review of this book applies eually well to that collection Asimov is truly a master

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review The Key Word and Other Mysteries 103 York City from the Museum of Natural History to the United Nations and back to his dictionary where he finds one key word that cracks each case. A few mystery stories for children A boy helps his detective father solve crimes Asimov can t help using his broad knowledge base however and the facts that end up solving the crimes are so esoteric and weird that a kid might not actually think of them